36 Best Good Morning Quotes

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“The Tabernacle is the noblest perimeter of any locality, until this extension find another, and extends around the world.”

Make people smile.

He threw up what wore

Feeling every drop as flogging

Hitting with passion who ran

did not know whether rain or night

was who loved him that day

The question is not what happens to you, it’s how you react. How about squeezing lemons that life brings and make a delicious lemonade? Wags spider houses, creature! Life is waiting for you!

Take advantage of the beauties of the world, who wakes up happy.

Be calm!

Life is not only sorry.

At one point

the storm ceases

and calm takes care of everything.

Where there is light, there is no room for darkness. Do not let bad feelings take root in his heart. Think positive and will attract only good things to your life. And until that alien problem your will be easier to solve. Believe.

Do not walk around distribuend bitterness. No one likes standing next to people living dragging everlasting chains. Difficulties, disappointments all go. The difference is the way to deal with them.

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That our hearts remain free, regardless of the circumstances, that our inner peace is independent of external influences.

I’m moody.

If you leave

take two doses


12 years

in 12 minutes = 12 hours

of bottled joy.

The harvest of good is called: happiness!

. I know that sometimes it may not seem so, but my lucidity is so great that borders on madness

Because life is sad yes, they are tears, pain. And you need to find the courage and courage; because life is also joy, are smiles, laughter is, are incredible and unforgettable memories.

Because life is death, yes, but also birth. It’s starting, but also arrival. It’s nostalgia, but also reunion. Because life is unique, and because above all, and after all, we deserve to be happy

The secret is: do not take yourself seriously, just make the right decisions.

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Get used to read, write and smile. The rest is a consequence.

One day the tears told the smile: ‘I envy you because you live always happy’. The smile said, ‘fool you, because I am often just the guise of your pain.’ Have a beautiful day filled with much joy!

All power is deaf!

On this day of joy not allow melancholy and look forward with determination, because you receive God’s permission for better days and happier, and today, all yours to start the changes in your life

The best cosmetic there called PEACE. Never let her miss.

We are dreams.

The Flore dancing

with the wind left over.

Whistling in the ears.

Life is not the devil that you paint.

Take the gray and grow.

Even when you’re sad not stop smiling, because even on days when there is no sunlight the day does not remain dark

Who the desert lives, you appreciate an oasis.

BEFORE in both live lives he died at the age of fifteen grief! And now you cannot cry smile or shut up.

Often we are so saddened by the events that come into our lives, we find that all the doors are closed to us. However, knowing that the doors will open, we animate and we were happy.

Life is very short, only gives time to be happy …

Your happiness is in the person you know best: yourself.

I stopped worrying about the future and decided to keep my heart only what makes me happy. The sorrows and disappointments were in the past; what matters is the present. And let’s keep walking that is forward who walks

The smile is something powerful that opens many doors, so she was always smiling.

There is no other way. Be it and conquer the world. At the touch of your hands. With the strength of his heart. With the proper tone, the best song. With the furies of his emotion.

A worthy gift of nature and the gift of knowing how to love.

Every day that passes my love for you increases a little more and it is all a result of the happiness you bring me.

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