Budget of English Translation services

There are many companies and individuals that require us, at times confused and disoriented, the translation of the financial statements in English or in other languages. Often also, we are also requesting the certified translation of the documentation. What we are talking about and how to get around in this jungle so intricate? Don’t worry, here’s how our translation agency manages daily this kind of practice.

First translation of a budget is always headed by a native translator specialized in the field of technical-financial translations, so at ease in the use of language and expressions typical of the budgets.

Certified translation of a budget CEE

If necessary, the translation can be certified later at a court or organ of legal competence as a notary public or a Justice of the peace. With the certified translation confer a legal value to the work: the customer will receive therefore a paper document (and digital) ready to be submitted to the offices of competence without having to proceed with further or steps.

We deal specifically with:

  •     Consolidated financial statements
  •     Financial statement also
  •     Information reports
  •     Financing schedules
  •     Financial statements

How to request a quote?

In order to receive an informative and free quote, simply send us a copy of your budget. We will then analyze the document, its percentage of reps and submit within 48 hours of receiving the request our best offer and includes all required services (translation, sworn translation, costs of shipping and any stamps).

Why entrust the translation of a budget to company?

Competitive pricing, highly personalized and free estimates calibrated

Translators capable of ensuring a highly specialized knowledge of financial issues and glossary

Prompt delivery of your translation thanks to an efficient system of couriers.

And if there were any other documents to be translated?

No problem! If you find you have sent the documentation incomplete or had arisen some doubt contact us and send us new material, it will be a pleasure to update your proposal and meet your needs!

Extremely easy

With Chinese Translation Company you can enjoy the convenience of doing everything online in a few clicks with the possibility to receive the translation of your budget at home thanks to a service of shipping by courier.

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