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Which Sewing Machine to Choose for Kids?

Sewing is fun, easy for children to learn and helps them become incredibly independent, expressive and creative . The majority of sewing machines are easy to use, but some are more child-friendly than others to help them improve at their own pace. Our tips will help you choose the best sewing machine for your child .

From What Age Can a Child Use a Sewing Machine?

This is one of the questions that comes up most often when you want to introduce your child to sewing. In order for a child to learn sewing with his own sewing machine , you can orient yourself from the age of 6/7 to a real sewing machine. Manufacturers now offer in their ranges at least one machine model specifically dedicated to children with preset points but also several basic features . In any case, and despite the protections offered by these machines, an adult must be present when the child uses his sewing machine.

Under 6 , it seems a little early to let your child use a real sewing machine . For the youngest, orient yourself to “toy machines” that will allow them to play safely. At this age, you can also begin to introduce them gradually to sewing by having them manipulate the fabrics on your machine or by making them modify the settings for example. This can be a good learning if you are a seamstress yourself.

sewing machinesThey will be able to assimilate and learn the right gestures before switching to their first “real” sewing machine when the time comes.

From 9/10 years , children are old enough to start using sewing machines for adults , especially if the sewing passion. In this case, it is interesting to refer you to entry-level machines for adults like the Brother CS10 or the Initial Singer . These machines will allow them to continue their learning for several years without the need to change.

Avoid “Toy” Sewing Machines

This is an important point. Nowadays, you can find sewing machines for children in all major toy stores. These machines are not robust, manufactured cheaply but especially the stitches they make do not hold . Indeed, to achieve a solid stitch, it is necessary to have an upper thread from a reel and a lower thread from a bobbin. When the machine has only one wire , it will be more of a toy than a real sewing machine. These “toy machines” may be suitable for young children who want to imitate you but for the older ones who really want to learn sewingthese machines are not suitable and could even discourage them.

Criteria in Choosing a Sewing Machine for Children

Two of the main features in choosing a sewing machine for a child are simplicity and ease of use . The easier the machine is to use, the more the child will want to use it. On the other hand, too many options or settings can be frustrating for children who tend to be impatient and want to see the results of their work as soon as possible, with the least problem. The number of sewing stitches offered by the machine must be reasonable so as not to lose the child under a multitude of points that he will not be able to use. The points must imperatively be presetso that the child does not need to change the length and / or width of the stitch at each stitch change as is sometimes the case on some adult models. The sewing machine must also be strong enough to withstand the sometimes abrupt actions of children, but also light enough to be handled and transported easily. Finally, for the safety of the youngest, you can opt for a machine with a finger guard that will avoid contact of the fingers with the needle during sewing.

To summarize, the best child sewing machine will have the following characteristics:

  • A light but robust machine
  • Threading the simplified thread
  • Two threads (bobbin and bobbin) to make solid seams
  • Preset stitches
  • Less than fifteen sewing stitches
  • A pedal adapted to children
  • Reverse buttons and voltage settings
  • A protection device

The Best Sewing Machines for Children

Brother KE14 “Little Angel”

This is our favorite model. The Brother KE14 is a simple mechanical sewing machine designed for young, beginner children. The machine offers 14 preset stitching points including several basic stitches such as the straight stitch, the zigzag stitch and the buttonhole stitch but also a few more fantasy stitches. The threading of the machine is simple to perform using the explanatory diagrams. LED lighting, reverse gear, thread tension adjustment and the finger guard supplied with the machine complete the list of features. Once again, Brother gives us a quality sewing machine for a reasonable price and that will allow children to serenely embark on sewing for a few years.

Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Jacket

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The character was initially voiced by Arleen Sorkin in different attach ins to the DC vivified universe. From that point forward, she has likewise been voiced by Hynden Walch and Tara Strong in either DC Animated Showcases or in different computer games. In the Birds of Prey TV arrangement, she was depicted by performing artist Mia Sara. The character made her real to life true to life make a big appearance in the 2016 film Suicide Squad, depicted by Margot Robbie.Visit For More :