How to post on reddit

Open Reddit in your preferred browser. so long as you are already logged into Reddit, this could open the Reddit hot web page.
in case you aren’t logged in, click Log in or sign on inside the pinnacle-right nook, input your username and password, and click LOG IN.
go to a subreddit in that you need to post. either click on MY SUBREDDITS inside the top-left nook of the web page and click on a subreddit, or kind a subreddit’s name into the search bar on the right facet of the page, press ↵ input, and click the subreddit’s call.
anything with “/r/” in the front of its name is a subreddit.
choose the sort of post you want to make. click on either post a hyperlink or post a text submit on the top-right facet of the page. hyperlink posts assist you to link to (or upload) photographs, videos, or articles, while textual content posts are in basic terms written content material.
depending on your preferred subreddit, the submit kinds may have unique descriptors (as an example, in the /r/funny subreddit, you would click on either post a humorous hyperlink or submit a comical textual content post).
a few subreddits best have one publish choice, whilst others have numerous greater particular submit alternatives.
Create your post. This manner will range slightly depending at the type of put up you’re making:
link – enter the net cope with of the item you are sharing inside the “URL” container, then enter a name for it in the “title” field. you could additionally upload an photograph or video in place of a link by means of clicking pick document within the “image/video” box after which choosing a file from your laptop.
textual content – enter a identify in the “title” field. you can also add in addition textual content by using typing inside the “text (optionally available)” container.
test the “i’m not a robot” box. this is below your submit.
click on submit. it’s at the lowest of the post window. Doing so will add your post to your distinctive subreddit.
On cellular
Open Reddit. This app is white with an orange Reddit alien face on it. Reddit will open to your own home web page in case you’re already signed into your account.
if you aren’t already logged in, faucet LOGIN and enter your username and password to log in.

tap the magnifying glass icon. it’s at the bottom of the screen.
enter a subreddit’s name. Doing so will set off a listing of matching subreddits and posts under the hunt bar.
faucet the subreddit. this may take you to the subreddit’s web page.
tap the “post” icon. it’s a green box with a white pencil inside the top-left side of the subreddit’s page. this will convey up a menu with the subsequent publish options:
text – Create a textual content-only publish.
photograph/VIDEO – add an photo or video out of your cell tool’s digital camera roll.
link – Paste a hyperlink to an internet photo, video, article, or other sort of content material.
faucet a submit alternative. this will open the submit’s entry form.

input a title on your publish. achieve this in the “An exciting name” discipline close to the pinnacle of the screen.
input your submit’s data. depending at the kind of publish you chose, this can range:
textual content – kind on your text publish’s body textual content (elective).
photo or Video – tap digicam or Library, then either take a picture or video, or choose one from your device’s library.
link – kind the hyperlink address into the “http://” area close to the center of the web page.We allow you to buy reddit accounts from our site.
faucet publish. it is inside the pinnacle-proper nook of the display. this can post your content material to the subreddit of your choosing.
watching Posting Etiquette
picture titled publish on Reddit Step 15
research the global regulations. these regulations govern posting anywhere on Reddit:
don’t post any sexual content material providing youngsters or minors. This includes suggestive content.

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do not junk mail. Spamming is the practice of unexpectedly posting the identical thing again and again once more, or filling up posts with repeated information.
don’t attempt to have an effect on how people vote on your posts. everything from begging to asking with politeness is forbidden.
don’t publish non-public statistics. This includes your very own records and that of others.
don’t damage or intervene with the website itself.
image titled submit on Reddit Step sixteen
comply with the specific regulations for each subreddit. Subreddits are governed with the aid of their personal secondary regulations beneath Reddit’s global rule set. most of those are written as content material regulations.
To learn the particular policies for a subreddit, faucet the subreddit’s hyperlink, faucet the menu button inside the pinnacle-proper corner of the display screen, and faucet community info (cellular), or test the right aspect of the main web page of that subreddit (computing device).
Breaking subreddit policies might not get you in critical problem with the web site, but it can get you and your publish(s) eliminated from that subreddit. it’ll additionally worsen different customers of the subreddit.
picture titled post on Reddit Step 17
have a look at “reddiquette.” Reddiquette is a mixture of “Reddit” and “etiquette” that describes a hard and fast of not unusual Dos and Don’ts of conduct in the course of maximum of the web page. a number of the extra crucial pieces of reddiquette consist of:
Be courteous. other commenters and posters are human much like you. recollect what you will say in case you confronted this character face-to-face before posting.
Vote on different users’ remarks and submissions. ensure that you handiest use the downvote alternative for content or remarks that don’t fit the subreddit or don’t upload whatever to the verbal exchange.
do not downvote virtually because you do not accept as true with the alternative individual.
Make thoughtful posts, stay abreast of new posts, and link to out of doors assets responsibly. meaning make a contribution to the communique at hand in a meaningful way. Redditors do no longer take kindly to blatant junk mail or self promotion. in case you are in advance about what your hyperlink is, and it contributes to the communication and is applicable, then by all approach post. Blatant self advertising or attempts to garner traffic generally aren’t met with favorably.
permit people realize why you edited your comment. it’s miles common courtesy to explain why your publish has been edited, as all people can see which posts have been edited.
don’t be deliberately impolite. Reddit strives to foster an energetic community, and rudeness undermines that.[1]
don’t begin or participate in trolling and flame wars, which are attacks on other customers without contributing to the discussion.

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