Learn how to Lead Your Dog

Before starting work with the clicker, it is necessary to “charge it” or make conditional it, i.e., associate the sound reinforcement. It is recommended to associate it with awards in food as a primary reinforcement, motivating and very easy to handle, then you can also use other areas reinforcements such as balls, teething rings… Awards in food have to be very challenging for our doggy dans online dog trainer, being able to change them during the session so that you don’t lose the attention. I recommend to start the Association in a quiet place to go little by little, complicating it looking for places and different environments as you go through the Association.

To begin to “charge it” or make conditional it, you only have to do sonar the clicker and give the dog a piece of food. It is very important that the sound occurs until you receive the food. You can also let drop awards to the ground and click just before the dog take them; This exercise will help us later to make more dynamic sessions, moving the dog pulling awards to the ground then back towards us. You can also use different rhythms in “click” and give the prize, some times faster and some more spaced.

This charging process can repeat it several times in each session and several times a day, that Yes, trying to be short sessions (no more than 5 minutes) to keep the dog with motivation. With three or four days will be enough to get the Association. If you learn to know well your dog, you will see how he will tell you the length of the sessions with mood and concentration.

Learning each dog has its own pace, some get to realize the performance in the first session and others do not do so until the fourth day. A simple way to know if what these associating correctly, is to observe during working sessions if the dog reacts in some way to hear the sound; This will tell you that you start to be prepared to work by checking with the sound of the clicker, the action you want to reward your dog.

Currently there is a trend that is beginning to generalize, that it is to shorten the loading time of the clicker, and can start using it from the first sessions, associating it while we work with the dog some exercise in particular. But if you do not feel safe with management and want to get a good partnership, take your time while loads it to go catching practice with the clicker and food.

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