Philips SHL3000 – a great advantage

Philips engineers began to actively capture the segment of the best noise cancelling headphone market of the middle price range. Their new model Philips SHL3000, which is offered from 600 to 800 rubles, strikes, at first glance, its modern design, price and sound quality.The official press release indicates that the main category for which this model is intended is people who prefer powerful bass sound, pure sound quality and for which the comfort of long listening to music in headphones is important.

And what in reality is a model of the Philips SHL3000? Let’s look at it together.

Design, comfort and appearance

At Philips, we decided not to dwell on the same color scheme for the SHL3000, today it comes in both classic colors (black and white), as well as red, dark purple and silver. This, in the first place, is attractive for young people, who aspire to emphasize their individuality as much as possible.

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Philips SHL3000 – this is an overhead headphone with quite large cups, which will fit even for large ears.

In the case there are no metal inserts and fringing, so do not test the Philips SHL3000 for durability. Nevertheless, the plastic is quite pleasant to the touch and looks expensive. The headphone cups on the back are flat and with the protruding logo of the model, which looks very stylish and impressive, adding bonuses to the overall look of the model.

The cups themselves are edged with soft ear cups. The material of the finish is very high quality, rather thin and practically no different from the skin, although those who used the more expensive best noise cancelling headphones will certainly feel the difference.

The filler in the ear pads is not as plastic as you would like. Sometimes it does not ideally cover the auricle, which affects the overall sound insulation of the Philips SHL3000. The sounds of the street and the noise go pretty hard through the headphones, so you can say that the Philips SHL3000 is not quite practical for walking or traveling in transport – you will constantly experience the presence of extraneous sounds while listening to your favorite tracks.

The ideal place where Philips SHL3000 will reveal its full potential is the apartment or car salon, where you want to listen to your favorite music or watch a movie, but do not want to disturb the surrounding loud sounds. They will not be heard even by those who will sit next to them.

As for the comfort of wearing the Philips SHL3000, there are two things that cause inconvenience to those who buy them. Firstly, it is the headband, which squeezes the head quite strongly. The reason – in a fairly rigid plate, hidden under the headband. However, here, too, you can find a plus – it holds the headphones firmly on your head, and whatever you do (tilt, turn around or run), the Philips SHL3000 will always be in the right place.

The second unpleasant detail is insufficient ventilation of the internal space of the cups. The reason is in the dull closed rear side of the cups, through which there is no air, and even in the fact that the leatherette embrasures practically does not remove heat from the ears to the outside. It takes at least once in half an hour to remove the Philips SHL3000 best noise cancelling headphones from the head and rest.


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