Protected Games Will Continue To Get Cracked Faster And Faster,” Piracy Group Says

Welcome to Crack Watch, a piracy news subreddit dedicated to informing the public about the latest cracks and bypasses. We don’t crack games or host any pirated material in our server, We always link games to their original store. For others, such as 3DM, it’s seemingly a way to make some money from advertising revenue on the site that hosts the War Thunder Aimbot – No Survey cracked files. Notorious hacking group 3DM even predicted the end of PC game piracy altogether.

The reality is the end goal for all game companies is to stream games via encryption once broadband becomes fast enough and everywhere, they want you to ultimately stream games from their servers so they have total control of the game. Used to play cracked games, especially Pro-Evolution Soccer series, which require a decrypted EXE to use big patches/mods.

Steam, GMG and GOG (and others including CD Keys from the likes of Ozgameshop) means that you never really have to pay for full priced PC games. No doubt this list will grow and grow as the project starts looking for more obscure titles. I heard there is a working version of henkaku for Ps4 but it’s not being released or it’s not being released yet.

I’m pretty sure a friend of mine has a perfectly working cracked version of Doom…the single player version, at least. It’s a list of digital signatures that are used in software to tell a PS3 that the program it’s playing is an officially licensed Sony product.

As you may be aware, mere days after putting this statement out there, RiME’s Denuvo protection was cracked. Pirates and game-cracking groups that reverse-engineer DRM protection to make many PC – and sometimes console – games available for anyone to play for free, have been hitting major hurdles for over a year, thanks to Denuvo’s Anti-Tamper technology.

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