Singapore Legal And Licensed Money Lender

Singapore Legal And Licensed Money Lender


Termed ‘Ah Longs’ in Malaysia, moneylenders are known for doing some pretty nasty stuff to borrowers. You can negotiate a package most suited to your needs and receive the money with the least hassle possible. We are registered with the Ministry of Law, and we are a Money Lender Singapore licensed money lending company that has managed to distinguish itself through good customer satisfaction and innovative financial products.

Remember hard money lenders are in high demand in real estate investment circles and we always remind our clients who are contemplating deals that there will always be another deal. Credit 21 Licensed Money Lender is a legal and reputable money lending company in Singapore.

The Registry of Moneylenders have very strict rules regarding advertising, so strict that the only legal ways is to have signs outside their shops promoting the services and to have a website that explains their services. When you work with private money lenders, you should be aware of the various methods you can invest in loans and the pros and cons associated with each method.

If you find yourself considering getting a loan from a licensed money lender, it might be time to reconsider where your life is headed, and take steps to make significant changes so that you won’t find yourself returning to these lenders again in the future.

Singapore moneylender are the ones people that somewhat assist us by offering us money during the period of urgent situation or whenever we really feel the demand for it. So, quite simply, they are often considered to be true helpers even though they actually do it based on their business rules.


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