Statement jewellery ideas for a dashing evening

Getting ready for a party this evening? Do you have the perfect dress ready to flaunt your curves and matching pumps and heels to go with them? But what about your jewellery? Party look gets complete when you turn on the spotlight on yourself with stunning statement jewellery. Statement jewellery can be any piece of ornament that stands out singularly as a part of your look and accentuates it. It is the highlight of your evening look where you do not clutter yourself with other jewellery so as to make the statement ornament stand out distinctively. Look out for discount and sale every season to grab the most of mind-boggling statement jewellery online.

Here are some ideas for statement jewellery that can give you the perfect evening look and turn all gazes towards you.


One thing you should remember about statement jewellery is that it should be large and eye-catching. People’s attention will be on you only when you stand out from the crowd with a stunning outfit or accessory. A choker comes across as very good statement jewellery that allows you to steal all the attention in a chic, subtle way. If you are wearing an off-shoulder gown, nothing can draw attention your personality more than a dazzling choker necklace. It should either be bright and dazzling or a colourful one that immediately steals all the attention. Skip other jewellery to keep this statement choker in focus. In case of a deep and plunging round neckline, you can also go for a heavy, chunky, metallic neckpiece or a floral branch of white stones.


It’s winter, and it’s time for all the sassy trench coats and long maxi coats to be flaunted. Perk up the style by fastening a jewelled collar broach on the collarbone of your maxi coat and see how you steal the show this evening. A vintage style broach on your breast or a wide collar classic broach works like magic. Floral patterns in white stones like zircon look amazing over solid winter shades like black, midnight blue, purple and brown. Though people feel broaches are out of fashion, they can never go out-dated. It is like a vintage wine that adds weight to your class.  

Jewelled belt

Wish to put all the focus on your slender waist? Sweating in the gym and dieting have given you the perfect figure of your dreams. You surely don’t want to hide it, right? Put on a jewelled belt on your waistline over your evening dress and bring all the focus on that area. It can be a bling belt over a solid coloured dress to bring the right amount of dazzle to your party look. Shorter women can go for a slim belt with a line of jewels in shapes like hearts and diamonds to do the trick. Women with a tall frame can, however, choose a wider belt with elaborate work or designs. Belts with two or three chains also extend a queenly look to your ravishing figure and make you stand out from the rest.

Head Band

Whether you choose to leave your hair open or make a side swept low bun, a flattering head band can give you a party-perfect hairstyle. If you are heading for a wedding, you can try a chic and modern version of a tiara. Otherwise, a floral design headband can also make you look as elegant as a princess. A white dress and a dazzling sleek headband are all you need for a gracious look in the evening. You can also style your bun by a clip on a head band on one side that comes in a variety of designs. Ornate vintage style bands to modern day funky bands can be great options for hair statement jewellery that just shows how innovative you can get even with a classy evening look.

Cocktail Ring

A large cocktail ring can do much more than you can imagine in a party. Slip into your favourite dress and let the fingers do all the talking with a large cocktail ring sitting right there. You can go for golden and bright shades if you want something bling. A big, bright stone surrounded by little ones can make you shine like nothing else. You can also try something chic and cool like a metallic shade ring. If stones aren’t your kind of thing, try street fashion with chunky grunge look rings to add a different touch to your usual evening look.

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