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Chinese Phonetic Translation Service

Chinese phonetic translation is very difficult because of the massive number of characters that exist in the written language. For this reason it is imperative that you use professional phonetic Chinese translation to ensure absolute accuracy. We provide the professionals for Chinese translation phonetic service for every order at Chinese Translation Service. Even though there are two forms of written Chinese – simplified and traditional – both are based on the use of the same characters. However, in Chinese translation phonetic sounds are not the same as the English alphabet.

Ways in which we do Chinese phonetic translation

We have two ways in which we carry our Chinese phonetic translation. One way is to translate the file into English and then convert it to Chinese phonetic symbols using the closest pronunciation as in Chinese translation audio.  The other format is to use what is called the Chinese Pinyin translation technique in which we translate the original text directly into Chinese.

Specific ways in which we make use of Chinese Pinyin translation are:

  • Clients that are learning the language need assistance with phonetic Chinese translation to help them learn new characters.
  • It is helpful to use this form of Chinese translation phonetic format when you need to be able to imitate the sounds of the language.

English to Chinese phonetic translation

We are among a handful of translation companies all over the world that has the capability to translate from English into Chinese phonetic. Translation of this nature involves inclusion of Chinese tone marks with the characters. Translating from Chinese to English takes a lot more work even with tone marks because of the similarity in meaning of many characters. We are one of the best sites for providing this type of translation because we take whatever time is necessary to produce a high standard of writing in the target language document. There will be no mistaking the meaning of the words when you rely on the service we provide at Professional translation services.

We do provide very efficient and speedy service for translating documents written in Cantonese or Mandarin to Chinese Pinyin. This is the best way to provide Chinese translation audio.

We know you demand accuracy in any Chinese Phonetic Translation Service. We honor this demand at Chinese Translation Service.